September 2008 expedition on the Arizona Strip


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On this trip I was the guide for two friends, and this is also the first time my wife has come along on such an expedition.  So we had 4 people 4 quads, and one chocolate lab "Abbie".

This is the first time we ever used an RV on the Arizona Strip, and it was certainly an education.  We made the trip from Wickenburg through Las Vegas and St. George Ut. and onto the strip from there.  But pulling an RV onto the Arizona Strip is incredibly time consuming and so it was quite a long day. 

The Drive onto the Strip is a treat all by itself, and all though it was slow going, at least the scenery is awesome.
So among the lessons learned pulling the RV is that you must travel incredibly slow on the roads across the Strip.  Imagine that you average 10 mph and you are traveling 60 miles, well we went a little faster than that but it still took over 4 hours to get to camp from St. George, and we only traveled part way across the Strip camping near Poverty Mountain.

This camp site is a bit too tight for a 36.5 ft Toy Hauler but we made it work, and had a very pleasant camp.


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