September 2008 expedition on the Arizona Strip



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After Lunch we decided to make the drive to see Toroweap.  Even from our camp at Poverty Mountain it was still a 70 mile drive each way.  We rode in the truck and took the main roads, but it still took over 3 hours.

An interesting point along the way is the old Mt. Trumbel School house.  This is actually an exact re-production of the original, which was burned by vandals.  Inside is essentially a museum, with fascinating old photos and information about the Arizona Strip and the School.  This is the most populated portion of the Arizona Strip outside of the few towns in the northern most Strip country, and there are still several occupied ranches in the area.

After the brake at Mt. Trumbel School house, we concluded what was a most excruciating ride, and came away a lesson learned about driving those roads with a one ton truck.  The lesson is choose a vehicle with softer suspension if at all possible.  All was forgotten however when we arrive at Toroweap


I believe this is among the most spectacular sites on the Arizona Strip, Click here for a full description.


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