September 2008 expedition on the Arizona Strip




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Our first destination on the Arizona Strip was Twin Point, which is a Grand Canyon viewpoint.

It is 20 miles across relatively flat country to Oak Grove.

Oak Grove is among the more scenic locations on the Arizona Strip, and is among my top picks for a camp site location.  Oak Grove showcases a wonderful combination of large tree's both Pine and Oak along with grassy meadows and sage brush.  There is also a small creek and pond.
There are a number of old homestead cabins on the Arizona Strip, but there is virtually no publicly owned land, the cabins are all on public land.


Prior to arrival at Twin Point we passed several viewpoints looking west into the lower reaches of the Grand Canyon.

The View from Twin point is among my favorites, and what makes it even better is that it is not all that difficult to get to in comparison to most of the other viewpoints on the Arizona Strip.

These photos below were shot on the way back from Twin Point from the Westward looking viewpoints The canyon in the photos is merely an arm of the Grand Canyon which it feeds into.

After Twin Point we made out way back to Oak Grove and turned west toward our new goal Snap Canyon.
The view as you travel down Snap Canyon is truly one of the more spectacular sites on the Strip, and this is especially so if you can do it when the flowers are in bloom.  The view from Snap Canyon is onto the Grand Gulch Bench.

The Grand Gulch Bench is a remarkable place to visit, and one that few people ever see.  The Grand Gulch Bench is a moderately level strip of land probably 30 miles in length with towering cliffs both above and below.  The elevation at the top of the cliffs extends above 6500 ft,  The elevation on the Bench is around 4500 feet. The cliffs below start to taper off at about 3000 ft. and it continues to drop ending up at Lake Mead at approximately 1200 ft. elevation.



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