MAY 2005 expedition on the Arizona Strip



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This trip was not intended to be a major expedition in that is was the shortest time we have spent on the Arizona Strip to date.
Despite having only 2 days to explore we came with a very clear goal in mind.  Our goal was to attempt to ride down Parashant Canyon, if possible all the way to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  To accomplish this mission we planned a camp that would be as close to the canyon as we could travel with the truck.

We decided since we had the space to bring along an extra 4-Wheeler, knowing that if one were to break down it would be unsafe to travel anywhere with just one machine.
We also traveled light compared to a normal expedition, with just one tent, and minimal camping gear.

With only two people and two days to explore we only carried a couple cans of water and a couple cans of gas.

Along the way to our camp along the rim of Parashant Canyon, we passed the old Mt. Trumbull school house.

A flat tire is really no surprise to us.  Often we are able to make the repair to a tire with a tire plug, but this time the tire plugs had gotten hot in the sun, and combined with the stiff rubber of the trailer tire a repair could not be accomplished, so lucky for the spare.

We made camp at an elevation of 5300 feet.  The weather was unseasonably warm, but since we were only at camp in the morning and evening the weather was perfect.  In fact our bed rolls were so comfortable and the overnight temperature so nice we overslept every morning.



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