3 Day expedition on the Arizona Strip


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We began our trip into the back country from Freedonia AZ.  That morning we covered almost 60  miles of dirt roads on our way to Toroweap point on the Grand Canyon. The road it nice, but the washboard shook things up pretty well.  We came supplied with 3 ATV's, 40 gallons of water, 37 gallons of gas (not including a full tank in the truck), plenty of food on dry ice, and everything else we would need to be completely self suficient for the 3 1/2 days before we would see another sign of civilization.

Toroweap is incredible location not too be missed, unlike other points along the rim of the Grand Canyon at this location it is straight down more than 2000 ft. to the Colorado River.  You may not be afraid of heights but even for a heavy construction worker used to working high steel this is a long way down.

The only way to safely look over this edge to lay down & crawl to the edge, although my wife wasn't too happy to see this picture of me below.

While Toroweap is spectacular our interest was farther into the Arizona Strip Country, so we were on the road again for several more hours of dirt road with a heavily loaded truck.

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