3 Day expedition on the Arizona Strip


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It is hard to explain the desire to explore the top of a desolate looking Plateau, but besides that we did see indications of an old mine on the map so we set out to investigate.

Can you imagine living here?

We did in fact fine an old mine, and an old stockpile of ore.  Oh, and Dad nearly stepped on a rattlesnake.
This was our first look at what they call a Grand Canyon Rattlesnake.

This road takes off from the top of the Mesa, and we all agreed that the difficulty level was beyond the capability of the Kawasaki, and we were not really sure about the Suzuki.

So this was the point we stopped.  The pictures really can't portray the steepness of this road, or the size of the rocks we were climbing.  But consider the size of these vertical drop off's compared to the the 4-wheeler tire which on this machine is 20 inches.  Ok know tilt the entire road at 35  Needless to say we decided to walk.

And we were glad we did, because we found what we call Newspaper rock.  Where people through history have scratched graffiti, well it is had to call it Graffiti anymore when it is 100 years old.

And then we found the big mine that made construction of such a tough road feasible.

Most everything is still from the operational days of this mine, not surprisingly give the difficulty in taking anything in or out of here.

Here is the remains of an old house, that is the fireplace in the middle.

It is a little hard to see, but we did attempt to get a photos of a very pretty Mohave Green Rattlesnake at the bottom of a shaft.

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