3 Day expedition on the Arizona Strip


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After sleeping in and having a good breakfast, we set out on our goal for the day find the ruins of an old fort, called Fort Garret.  According to the topographical maps there was a jeep trail getting close, so we set out to find it.

What a crazy place to find a bus stop, 80 miles from the nearest paved road, we could have stood their all week and never seen anybody.

This is the entrance to Snap Canyon.  It is impossible to describe the feeling of traveling into this land, pictures can't begin to show the scale.  Our camp was among the Pondorosa Pines at more than 6,500 feet.  The entrance to Snap Canyon is around 5,900.  

Twenty minutes later we in the 4000's looking up at the Grand Wash Cliffs with peaks above 7000 ft.

At several points we came to the edge of some of the huge side canyons to the Grand Canyon.


Look carefully you will see us standing on the edge.

Of course we had to pose for photos.

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